About us


130 FINANCE was established in 1999 as a services provider boutique in the structured finance industry aimed to Originators, Servicers and Investors, and an experienced partner for structuring, managing and monitoring securitisation and structured finance transactions and their related collateral portfolios.

For more than a decade 130 FINANCE has played, and is currently playing, Agent roles in many public and private deals, has structured, managed, analyzed, monitored, restructured and winded up a number of  deals with different types of underlying collateral (performing and non performing assets, mortgage backed and non guaranteed, trade and lease receivables, public and SMEs credits). These experiences have built a considerable track record and reputation.

130 FINANCE maintains the highest operational and methodological standards towards its clients  in order to optimize the capability of creating added value by means of innovation and research of original solutions. A flexible approach and easily adaptable costs structure allows 130 FINANCE to build a long-term commitment, to work side by side our partners and clients and to provide tailor made solutions.

130 FINANCE’s  values are core to our business, and are instilled within our culture and team members. Our values help ensure that we consider:

  • being independent as the sole tool to avoid conflicts of interests
  • regulatory and best practices compliance as a standard
  • the search of innovative solutions as an essential mean of creation of value added for clients and for 130 FINANCE
  • long term commitment as an opportunity mutual growth
  • flexibility of the solutions provided as a must
  • the contribution to the development of the Italian structured finance market reputation and track record as one of its primary duties

130 FINANCE, is the editor and the manager of the website Securitisation.it, the access point to the Italian securitization market that is online since 2001. The continuing commitment toward providing a timely and complete information to the site users forces us to analyze, to classify and to publish any new deal closed.  We produce and publish independent research and analyses focused on the Italian primary market trends and collateral types.


Paolo Comuzzi

Paolo Comuzzi is the founder and Managing Partner of 130 FINANCE.

Paolo is married with two children. Since December 2011 is an happy “young” grandfather of a gorgeous niece.

Degree in Corporate Finance, MBA, with a sound working experience in Italy and abroad (UK) in the industry (Hewlett Packard & Ralston Purina) and in Investment Banking and  DCM (Banca IMI & Nomura International), has founded Talete Creative Finance in 1999 that in 2009 has been renamed 130 FINANCE