Our Services

130 FINANCE is a leading provider of advisory, management and analytical services on Securitisation and Structured Finance Transactions to Originators, Arrangers and Investors since the inception of the Italian Securitization and Structured Finance Market in 1999 when the Law 130/99 came into force.

130 FINANCE is the editor of the site Securitisation.it that is online since 2000. As editor 130 FINANCE develops and maintains the contents of the site and publishes independent research on the Italian primary and secondary securitisation market and analyses its trends and developments.

  • Agent Roles

    • Computation Agent
    • RON - Representative of the Noteholders
    • Reporting Management (Servicing & Investors Report)
    • Assessment of regulatory compliance
    • Report publishing on the site Securitisation.it

  • Collateral Surveillance & Analytics (initial & ongoing)

    • Collateral due diligence & Vintage analysis
    • Data quality review
    • Loan level analysis
    • Static & stochastic collateral cash flows projections
    • Collateral performance analysis and benchmarking
    • Portfolio performance trigger setting & surveillance
    • Multi originator collateral analysis and performance assignment
    • Dashboard reporting

  • Deal Structuring, Surveillance & Analytics

    • Deal Structuring
    • Reverse engineering of ongoing deals
    • Deal restructuring
    • Business plan & deal financial structure setting
    • Business plan and methodology validation
    • Pricing, valuation and performance analysis of Equity and Mezzanine tranches, of Credit Enhancement tools, of Residual Value, and of Clean-up Call Options for single and multi originator collateral
    • Deal unwinding